Commission: Portrait

Sketch on Fabriano 300gsm watercolour paper with pencil and graphite.

Size : 16×20 inches.

SHOP : The Monkey God

It’s a life size painting of the Lord Hanuman in a more realistic form. It is done in a more natural way to bring focus to the cruelty to animal. As in Hinduism most of the animal are considered Gods or manifestation of Gods. By painting Lord Hanuman in a realistic form I am trying to draw focus on treating them a living beings of value and to respect them as equal citizens of the planet.

Dimension : 22×30 inches.

Medium : Mixed Media on 300gsm paper.

Price : Rs.11400/- (Postage and handling additional).

SHOP : Lying on the Polka Carpet

Inspired by the photograph clicked by Nils Wachter. The piercing look of the girls attracted me to the photograph initially and I decided to paint them.

Dimension: 16×22 inches.

Medium: Mixed media on 300gsm Italian paper.

Price: ₹6050 (postage and handling charge additional).

Commission: Indian Classical Dance Form-Mohiniyattam 

This commission was given to me last month. The specifications were simple. Any Indian dance form, so I chose mohiniyattam because it concentrates most on the facial features. I was give full liberty to do as I please which is rare when you are doing a commission.