SHOP : The Monkey God

It’s a life size painting of the Lord Hanuman in a more realistic form. It is done in a more natural way to bring focus to the cruelty to animal. As in Hinduism most of the animal are considered Gods or manifestation of Gods. By painting Lord Hanuman in a realistic form I am trying to draw focus on treating them a living beings of value and to respect them as equal citizens of the planet.

Dimension : 22×30 inches.

Medium : Mixed Media on 300gsm paper.

Price : Rs.11400/- (Postage and handling additional).

SHOP : Lying on the Polka Carpet

Inspired by the photograph clicked by Nils Wachter. The piercing look of the girls attracted me to the photograph initially and I decided to paint them.

Dimension: 16×22 inches.

Medium: Mixed media on 300gsm Italian paper.

Price: ₹6050 (postage and handling charge additional).

Commission: Indian Classical Dance Form-Mohiniyattam 

This commission was given to me last month. The specifications were simple. Any Indian dance form, so I chose mohiniyattam because it concentrates most on the facial features. I was give full liberty to do as I please which is rare when you are doing a commission.

The Nihang Warrior

Finally done with the painting, packaging and handing over of the latest commission. The project was religious. The details were many. The symbolic meanings were everywhere. But all in all it was a learning experience. Both in terms of new techniques and knowledge. I hope I have delivered up to their expectations and I hope they enjoy it.

Working on a new project : The Nihang warrior 

It’s a comparatively large painting. New challenges to be faced in this one. My first attempt on a waist length portrait and it includes hand. My biggest fear and excitement to do something new. As Leonardo da Vinci feared ears, mines probably hands and much more. It’s always exciting to be learning new things and new study with different elements. Hope this turns out as expected as its a commission from a dear friend.

Here’s a sneak peak.

The Afghan Girl

I have always enjoyed drawing faces which speak. Faces with lot of energy and character in them. Not specifically beautiful but definitely enigmatic. The reference of this particular painting was taken from the portrait photographs of the national geographic magazines. I particularly like the character of this photograph and wanted to capture it on paper.

Price: ₹1000 unframed (postage charge additional)

Medium: mixed media on Brustroand 300 GSM paper

Dimension: 20×20 cm